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Trope Bingo Round 4

Yes yes, I'll be doing this again. It seems like a good way to keep my brain actually doing stuff so... yay!

Barring the complete takeover of an unknown ship, this will probably be a lot of Nick and Phil again with helpings of Melinda, Rhodey, Bobbi and Clint maybe along the way. Either way it should be fun and I'm getting ideas already! YAY!

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Five Acts Round Nine

How does it work?

+ Post a list of your five favorite acts/kinks to read about in your journal. Check out this list if you need some inspiration. At the bottom of your post, add what fandoms/pairings you're interested in.
+ Read other people's lists; the master list of lists is here.
+ Post comment-fic based off of other people's interests.

Once you've posted your list, post a comment (in the provided format) with a link to your post HERE.

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Fics Given:

Breathe (Steve/Bucky, fisting) for [personal profile] heeroluva

Ink (Steve/Bucky/Sam/Natasha, Writing on the body) for [profile] feralletters

Dinner (Nick/Maria, cooking/kitchen sex) for [personal profile] igrockspock

Fics Received:


I did it. The first draft of the poly big bang fic is done and I'm pretty happy with it and a little giddy and omg I DID IT! LOL

Clearly the count will change as I edit and add and subtract and all but... damn. That was a productive month! I can't believe I actually pulled this off! LOL

Words, words, words...

So the big bang fic is still moving right along. I'm finally past my middle bit (can't imagine why it ended up longer than the first bit... oh. right. OT3.) and I'm working on getting the baby agents together and happy and... you know, as happy and emotionally healthy as one can be when they're part of an underground organization. I've also upped my word count ideal because again, Nick wouldn't shut up and now we're closing in on the second goal. LOL So I'm popping it up to 18k. I think I can hit that with the baby agents and maybe a little more. We'll see. I'd really love it if I could get this done before Lump of Coul opens up... but that might be a little over-ambitious.

Anyway, here's the counter thingie.

Words are hard.

Another update because if I do this here, I can't slack off as much and I vaguely feel like there's a schedule going on... there isn't, of course but hey, whatever works. And I do really REALLY feel like I've been hardcore slacking off on the big bang fic even though... I don't know, I haven't really been. I've gotten a little bit done every day but apparently I have unrealistic expectations of my writing speed and I wanted to get this done before I have to dive headlong into Lump of Coul so...

Yeah. I'm babbling. Anyway, here's the total at the moment. If anyone wants to give it a read too, I've got a gdoc for this one. Just ask me for the link and I'll share.

9305 / 15000


So I'm stuck on my big bang... I'm sure I'll figure it out soon (she said with panicky laughter) and in the meantime I've got Lump of Coul to start seriously setting up... I mean the heavy lifting's done and all but I really need to get off my ass and start promoting it if I want anyone to sign up, right?

God I suck at this mod stuff... at least I think I do. It always turns out well in the end but i'm sure that's some kind of cosmic luck rather than skill on my part.

ANYWAY! The big bang is... well, it's getting increasingly more complicated (surprise fucking surprise) and I'm trying to reign it in and get the actual story moving but well... not so much at the moment. At least I feel like I've got a bit of a buffer before I hit full panic mode. I also upped my minimum for myself because, frankly, I'm only about half way through this shit at this point so... GO TEAM!

Another update thingie

So I'm actually making REAL progress on my big bang fic which is fantastic since I felt like I'd been dragging my heels through the whole Steve/Peggy/Gabe bit (probably because I've never written that particular ship before but that's too logical a thought to have when the words just aren't coming) but now... NOW! *evil laughter* I'm on to my OT3 of OT3s and they're cute and young and not running the show yet and AH! :D Good times! :D

Also trying to get this to line up as an open triad (primary relationship being Nick/Phil/Melinda but they have other connections) without getting REALLY wordy and after-school-special about it is harder than I thought it would be.

After that it'll get angsty (because come on... two of them have been "dead" in the last year and SHIELD fell and... yeah) then we get to the baby agents (Skye/Simmons/Trip) which should also be fun since I've yet to write the three of them either! LOL

My planning on this was probably not good. ;)

Anyway, here's the count!

5608 / 10000 words. 56% done!

Busy busy busy...

I don't know why I do this to myself. lol But it's that time of year again so it's time for fests. Well, one at least. A Lump of Coul is up and running for round 2. Here's hoping it goes smoothly this year.

And I've cracked 1k on my big bang... not much of a victory, I suppose but still. It's something and it's coming along so... yay!

1155 / 10000

Poly Big Bang: take 2

Hey remember a couple years ago when I did my first big bang and it basically sent me into a breakdown? Yeah, I'm gonna do that again. LOL I'm far better prepared this time and I've got a small start going already so I'm not concerned but... yeah. I'm doing a thing just as I should be setting up Lump of Coul for this year and apparently I can't just have a quiet autumn (well... spring now. For those not in the know, me and the family moved to Australia a couple months ago... so there's that).

Anyway... here's the counter for this one... we'll see how I do!
344 / 10000

I did a thing again... GO LOOK AT IT!

Welcome to the Marvel POC Character Fanworks Exchange. We’re here to show some love to the characters of color that far too often get ignored. Do you have a Nick Fury story you’d love to see? How about Hogun and Heimdall’s adventures across the Nine Realms? Or do you ever wonder how Melinda May joined SHIELD? This is the chance to request those stories and more, and write something someone else has wanted to see!

Sign up and show some love for Marvel’s fantastic POC characters!

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Sign-Ups on LJ And on DW Open on JUNE 1st!

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