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Title: No Lawful Impediment
Character(s)/Pairings: Sinthea Schmidt/Brock Rumlow
Rating: Teen +
Content Issues: black out drinking and bad decisions
Word Count: ~1050
Author Note: Written for [community profile] 15kinks. Prompt: Marriage

(on AO3)

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May. 20th, 2017

So... we knew it was coming, it was just a matter of time but my dad passed away yesterday.

I'm not able to go back to Canada to be there for my mom, which I really wish I could be but between visa issues (as in they're still processing ours so we're on a bridging visa that does not permit travel out of the country) and money being tight... I'm feeling pretty useless, tbh.

So it is what it is and I just figured I'd put this here so everybody knows what's going on.


Title: While it Lasts
Character(s)/Pairings: Sinthea Schmidt/Brock Rumlow
Content Issues: Breast fucking, Oral sex, breast-fucking, pearl necklace
Word Count: ~1050
Author Note: Set right around Captain America # 29 (vol. 5). Written for [community profile] 15kinks. Prompt: Frottage

(on AO3)

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15kinks claim

This is entirely Sam's fault (I mean that in the good way) but I have to get my brain going somehow. So here's my claimed prompt table from [community profile] 15kinks. Under a cut, just in case the kiddies are around! LOL
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I should really use this thing...

So I think I maybe have a big bang level idea in my head at the moment... not one that is going to generate any interest fandomwise because, hey! It's me! Why would I do something anybody wants to read? LOL

But does anyone know any Marvel based Big Bangs going on? Comics preferably but I think I could make it work in the MCU too... idk. I need help.

Promo post: Marvel POC Fest

Welcome to the Marvel POC Fanworks Exchange. We’re here to show some love to the characters of color that far too often get ignored. Do you want to see more works for your favorite characters of color and make someone's day by creating something wonderful too? Ever wonder what T'Challa's childhood was like? Or if Rhodey and Sam knew each other in the Air Force? Or what Elena and Joey talk about when no one's listening? This is the chance to request those stories and more, and write something someone else has wanted to see!

Sign up and show some love for Marvel’s fantastic Characters of Color!

Rules and FAQs

2016 Exchange Schedule

Sign-Ups on LJ on DW And on Tumblr! Open on AUGUST 12th!

AO3 Collection

A chill in the air...

This is entirely Nan's fault. ;) But I had to see what I could do about getting a few Kiera looks done on the doll maker... this is what we're stuck with. Also I'm having bunnies that I may or may not have to deal with... I'm leaning toward not and blaming the fact that my brain has been hanging around with the wrong crowd lately. I don't need Kiera mixing with THAT type. ;)

Anyway, here she is!

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Since everyone else is doing it...

Long time no see, folks! So ladydeathfaerie, nanaeanaven and ginevrasm went on a doll kick, I guess I have to do a couple for Haley too. It's been awhile since I looked at the original stuff but we'll see what i can do here. LOL

All under a cut of course.

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Fic: Easier (G, Nick/Phil)

Title: Easier
Character(s)/Pairings: Nick Fury/Phil Coulson, background Tony Stark/Pepper Potts, trans!Steve Rogers, Genderfluid!Nick Fury
Rating: G
Content Issues: gender issues, accidental outing, dysphoria, gender swap, Loki's a prick.
Word Count: ~730
Disclaimer: I do not own anything recognizable here. Marvel does. I'm just playing with their toys.
Author Note: written for my [community profile] trope_bingo card. Prompt: Genderswap. That's usually a prompt I would have nixed right off the bat but I didn't and of course I got stuck with it. So... I did what I could.

(on AO3)

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Title: Finding Order Again
Character(s)/Pairings: Sinthea Schmidt/Brock Rumlow, Helmut Zemo, Jack Rollins
Rating: M
Content Issues: Canon compliant (as far as I know), gun violence
Word Count: ~2010
Disclaimer: I do not own anything recognizable here. Marvel does. I'm just playing with their toys.
Author Note: oh may the marvel gods forgive me for this... written for my trope bingo card, prompt: day at the beach. Honestly, I've just been thinking long and hard on where the FUCK MCU Sin is at this point so... this is my answer.

On AO3

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